Core Bites
Are you searching for:
  • A resource that relates to the math Common Core State Standards?
  • A resource that addresses each Domain every day?
  • A resource that is grade specific?
  • A resource that keeps the attention of students?
  • A resource that engages students while taking roll, collecting
    homework, etc.?

If you are, then take a few minutes to examine Core Bites. Core Bites
are one hundred eighty grade specific PowerPoint(R) Viewer math daily
math warm-up presentations and 12 tests presentations that address
daily. One question/problem from each domain is on each warm-
up and the standards spiral under the domain.
A PDF document is
included on the CD to allow for printing of the warm-ups and tests.

Today, the cost of educational resources is a main concern for schools.
Often programs are purchased and later found not to meet expectations.
Gunnells Publishing, LLC is offering a
Free Fifteen Day Trial of the Core
PowerPoint Viewer Version. The Free Fifteen Day Trial contains the
actual first fifteen day presentations and the first test presentation.
Included is a PDF document to print the test.

Core Bites in the classroom to determine if Core Bites will benefit your
students. We are confident that our program will meet your expectations
for a resource that aligns to the Common Core State Standards.

Core Bites were created for teachers to be used as an educational tool in
the classroom. They are
not sold to individuals and must be shipped to
educational facilities.  
                            Taking A "Daily Bite" Out Of The Common Core State Standards!
(c) 2015 Gunnells Publishing, LLC